How to make chamoy?

I am Mexican, and since I can remember I have been eating fruit and vegetables with lime, salt, and chili powder. Our authentic Mexican candy are sweet and sour, spicy, with acidity and perfect for me. Just like this chamoy sauce, it has all the perfect flavors of my childhood. Since I can remember, at home, we always eat vegetables with lemon and chili. I mean, we are Mexicans, and there is no Mexican who says they don’t eat fruit and vegetables with chili or chamoy…. yummy!  However, I don’t know if you’ve also seen it, but the Chamoy that they sell in the stores…

Vegan cinnamon rolls, easy and perfect

These are the best vegan cinnamon rolls you’ll ever have. They are plant-based, homemade, and very easy to make. The recipe is adapted from “Street Vegan” cookbook from Adam Sobel. And there is nothing better in winter or during the weekends, well at least for me, than waking up a little later than normal and having a good cup of coffee, a homemade cinnamon roll, and a good book. If you have always wondered how to make cinnamon rolls and you think it is difficult … Keep reading!! In this post, I tell you how to make vegan, soft, sweet, cinnamony, delicious cinnamon rolls. I…

One pan tomato and onion pasta

Yes, this is a one-pan tomato and onion pasta recipe. What this means is that in one pan, you will cook the pasta and the sauce… AT THE SAME TIME. This pasta is wonderful for those days when you need to have dinner on the tale ina pinch. For those days when your loved ones surprise you and you ask them to stay for dinner. For mi, this pasta is perfect for the days that I have super busy afternoons or even when I forget to cook dinner. Does this happen to you as well? Do you forget to cook dinner also? 🙈 I don’t…

THREE BEAN CHILI, easy & vegan

This three bean chili recipe is truly a lifesaver for busy days, rainy days and the day before you go grocery shopping. It is super fast to make and it’s always one of my favorite soups ever. As you know chili is not a traditional Mexican dish, chili is a Tex-Mex dish. And the traditional way to make it is with ground meat, beans, and spices. This three bean chili recipe is not for the traditional dish, this recipe is for the vegan version of it. But it still has the real flavors that make this dish part of the American culinary tradition. And to…

Simple vegan broccoli soup

This simple vegan broccoli soup is one of my favorite soups ever. This vegan creamy soup is delicious, easy and so comforting.  There are some flavors that I could never get tired of, there are flavors that have always been in my life and probably in many people’s life. Like this simple vegan broccoli soup, it is classic, simple, delicious, and very easy to prepare. I love this type of recipe that I know my kids will eat for sure and that I can have on the dinner table in a pinch. And it is perfect because there are like “million” studies showing all the…

Soy Alejandra Graf. Me encanta comer, correr, tomar fotos y leer. Piloncillo & Vainilla es mi espacio donde te comparto mis recetas saludables que te harán sentir increíble. Recetas que nutren tu mente, tu cuerpo y tu alma.

I’m Alejandra, the creator of BrownSugar&Vanilla. My space where I share my love for food and recipes that will nourish your body, mind, and soul. I’m also Mexican, so if you see a huge spelling/grammar mistake or don’t see what you want in English, please shoot me an email. Do you want to know more?

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