Vegan Mexican chicken soup

I know that the title for this recipe, vegan Mexican chicken soup, does not make sense at all. But stay with me, let me tell you about this Mexican comfort and healing soup. Trust, me one spoonful will make you feel better. This is the Mexican soup is the soup that every mom will give its kids when sick. I remember coming from school and seeing a huge pot of soup on the stove and asking myself who was sick. Now, for me, this vegan Mexican chicken soup is total comfort food, I prepare it for the days that I need a cozy meal, very…

Ho to make my favorite smoothie?

This smoothie recipe is my favorite smoothie recipe ever. To tell you the truth, this is the recipe that made me obsess over smoothies. This vegan smoothie recipe is not only delicious; it is super easy to make and a winner with kids. I also love that all the ingredients are interchangeable. Let me explain… if you don’t have kale, you can use spinach. The same with the blueberries, switch them up with strawberries or other berries that you have on hand. Keep trying until you have your favorite smoothie. Tips, tricks & other recipes It is effortless to make excellent and tasty smoothies. But…

how to make tasty green juice

This is my favorite green juice recipe, I call it tasty green juice. Because, lets be real, no every green juice is good. I always get asked if I like smoothies or juices better. I love both, each one of them has its own magic. But the reality is that if you do not find the right balance with the right ingredients, juices and smoothies will taste awful. At home, we take both, smoothies and juices. This tasty green juice recipe is my favorite green juice recipe. It is the first recipe I nailed and actually tasted good. Before this recipe there was a lot…

Pink beet Smoothie

Not all smoothies have to be green or have a weird color. This pink beet smoothie not only has a very pretty color it has tons of natural vegan protein. When I started giving smoothies to my kids it was a total shock for them. Every morning I blended whatever I found in the fridge and called it a smoothie. That smoothie not always had the prettiest color, most of the days the color was really weird and with a brownish-greenish color. Not pretty nor tasty. Poor kids, they have always been my “professional recipe tasters” and belive me, it has not always been good…

Granola chunks with almonds

I am madly in love with this granola chunks vegan recipe. It is perfect for breakfast, for school lunches or as a snack. I have a thing with granola. I love it so much. For me, vegan granola is the perfect healthy breakfast. It has everything we need to start the day energized. This recipe calls for oats, nuts, seeds, almond butter, and spices. All of the ingredients have nutritional superpowers and the recipe is very easy to do. The granola chunks are chunky, delicious and almost addictive. I love that all the nuts and seeds turn out slightly roasted and in clusters. It is…

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I’m Alejandra, the creator of BrownSugar&Vanilla. My space where I share my love for food and recipes that will nourish your body, mind, and soul. I’m also Mexican, so if you see a huge spelling/grammar mistake or don’t see what you want in English, please shoot me an email. Do you want to know more?

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