Recipe for vegan lime macaroons

Vegan lime macaroons

Perfect, easy and delicious vegan lime macaroons. In Mexico we have a typical candy called “cocadas,” these cocadas are a perfect combination of a coconut macaroon and a coconut candy. When I first tasted this recipe for vegan lime macaroons I could only think of my childhood… yes, eating tons …

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Posole and black bean soup

This recipe for posole and black bean soup is one of the most traditional and Mexicans soups ever. There is nothing better on a cold day than to come home to a steaming bowl of soup, and if it’s pozole even better. This is the complete opposite of summer when …

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This split pea soup is delightful and super easy to make, perfect for a cold or windy day. I kept changing my mind about whether to post this pea soup recipe or not. It’s really hard to take a good picture of pea soup. I tried and tried to take …

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Recipe for creamy chocolate vegan pie.

Creamy chocolate vegan pie

Thank you MI-DEL for sponsoring this post. Get inspired with holiday recipes here and purchase your own MI-DEL Pie Crust at Walmart stores nationwide! You have no idea how I would have loved that there was this type of products when Santiago was younger. When we discovered he had dairy …

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Pho with zucchini noodles

This pho recipe is easy, delicious and with nutritional superpowers. I spend my whole weekend with my daughters at their soccer tournament. I saw a total of eight…yes, EIGHT soccer games. By the last game, I was so confused, I couldn’t tell who was winning, or losing or what team …

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