Red salsa molcajeteada

There is nothing more Mexican than a good red salsa molcajeteada. This recipe for salsa molcajeteada is a guide for you to use and make the salsa of your dreams. This salsa has a lot of texture, a lot of flavor and my recipe is not very spicy. But as …

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Pumpkin pie granola

This pumpkin pie flavored granola is perfect for any day you have a craving for pumpkin pie. This granola is delicious with yogurt, with milk, or on top of a dessert. It is so easy to make, and your home will smell delicious, just like fall, Thanksgiving, and all of …

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mermelada de chia

Berry Chia Seed Jam

This berry chia seed jam is delicious on peanut butter sandwiches, ice cream, oatmeal, with bananas with whatever you can think of. WHAT IS CHIA? Chia seeds are seeds that come from the salvia hispanica, a plant of the mint family popular in Latin America; Guatemala, and Mexico mainly. The …

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Hamburguesa de frijol y arroz, hamburguesa vegana.

Best black bean vegan burger

This recipe for black bean vegan burger recipe is super easy to make, delicious, and healthy. When you read the recipe and how easy it is to make the best vegan burgers you will have them once a week on the menu. Yes, vegans eat hamburgers, very delicious and tasty …

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