Vegan Aquafaba Mayo

This recipe for vegan mayo is super easy to prepare and it tastes exactly the same as regular homemade mayo. The secret… AQUAFABA, yes this aquafaba vegan mayo is simply the best. So, aquafaba is the liquid in a can of chickpeas or the liquid in the pot after your …

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Vegan oat bars

These vegan oat bars are one of the best vegan lunch bars that you can prepare at home. They are delicious, easy and 110% kid-friendly.🙌 I know that some of you have been struggling for some ideas for school lunches and for me, it is also very hard to make …

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sopa de frijol y tomate

Black bean tomato soup +VIDEO

This black bean tomato soup is super healthy, 100% vegan recipe, and is the quickest one I’ve written here on my blog. Today was one of those days that I don’t know how, but time just slipped away, and suddenly when I looked at the clock it was already 1:00. …

mas…Black bean tomato soup +VIDEO


What to do with zucchini?

I’m starting a new series called what to do with. This post is all about zucchini… so it is… What to do with zucchini? And I got inspired because even though I love to cook, to chop veggies, to taste… to eat! There are days where I just DON’T WANT …

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zucchini grilled sandwiches

School lunches are hard to make, don’t you think? Well, they are hard for me, and some days in the morning, my mind goes blank. So, slowly, I’ve been developing some tricks and recipes, like these zucchini grilled sandwiches that my kids adore, and that makes my mornings flow better. …

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crispy potato tacos

Crispy potato tacos

These crispy potato tacos are one of my kids’ favorite Mexican meals ever. To tell you the truth… mine too. In Mexico, this is party food and street food at its best. When I celebrated my kids birthdays I always served, “flautas“. In every kid’s party we went there was …

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Healthy vegan Caesar salad made in five minutes.

healthy vegan caesar salad

This recipe for this healthy vegan Caesar salad is the only one you’ll ever need to serve all of your delicious Italian dishes. I do not know why people think that us, vegans, only eat salad-lettuce-spinach. In every party or social gathering that I’m invited, I’m always asked for a …

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