chiles toreados

How to make chiles toreados

Have you ever tried chiles toreados? If so… just jump to the recipe and start making them. If not, you have to try them… Chiles toreados are a type of Mexican salsa, well it is not technically a salsa. It is a special mix of ingredients that has magical powers …

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vegan bean fajitas

vegan bean fajitas

This recipe for vegan bean fajitas is easy, delicious and super healthy. I got the inspo from my friend’s Erin Instagram account. And one of the best things about Instagram is that you can actually make some friends, learn and get inspired. I feel there is a lot of talk …

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spiced apple and thyme muffins

apple and thyme muffins

Yes, I know, it is not a common combination for a muffin, but I hope you try these apple and thyme muffins. I’m pretty sure you’re going to love them very much. Just think about it, apples and thyme are a match made in heaven. They work perfectly well in savory dishes, …

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Migas veganas

vegan migas

Do you know migas??? The question sounds weird, I know. But migas are a very common breakfast in Mexico. This is my version of vegan migas. Migas are usually made with onions, diced corn tortillas, and eggs. The ration that was used at home when I was young was: two …

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¿Cómo hacer leche de avena?


Oat milk is going through a massive boom in the vegetable milk world. It is becoming the new favorite plant-based milk. I can truly understand why. I got introduced to oat milk through a very special person in my life. She recommended it to me, and when I tried it, …


Brownies casi sin harina

Almost flourless vegan brownies

These almost flourless vegan brownies are made with almond flour (or almond meal) and pecans. This recipe is 100% vegan and delicious. YES, you can make almost FLOURLESS VEGAN BROWNIES and they are delicious. I make them with almond meal and just 1/4 of a cup of flour. That is …

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