chamoy hecho en casa

How to make chamoy?

I am Mexican, and since I can remember I have been eating fruit and vegetables with lime, salt, and chili powder. Our authentic Mexican candy are sweet and sour, spicy, with acidity and perfect for me. Just like this chamoy sauce, it has all the perfect flavors of my childhood. …

mas…How to make chamoy?

crema de brocoli

Simple vegan broccoli soup

This simple vegan broccoli soup is one of my favorite soups ever. This vegan creamy soup is delicious, easy and so comforting.  There are some flavors that I could never get tired of, there are flavors that have always been in my life and probably in many people’s life. Like …

mas…Simple vegan broccoli soup

¿Cómo hacer leche de avena?


Oat milk is going through a massive boom in the vegetable milk world, in the vegan world, my world. It is becoming the new favorite plant-based milk, and I can truly understand why. This new type of vegan milk, is easy to prepare, very cheap and it has tons of …


Classic Chai tea chia pudding

This classic chai tea chia pudding has the perfect flavor combination o all the spices of chai tea and the benefits of chia. This chia pudding is very light in texture and with tons of warm notes. It is the perfect pudding to start the morning if you serve some …

mas…Classic Chai tea chia pudding