Rolled oats pancakes

Rolled oats pancakes

This recipe for rolled oats pancakes its easy, delicious and very healthy. I know that having oatmeal or any other grain porridge for breakfast can be kind of boring. But the truth is that eating oats in the morning is an amazing way to start the day. When I was training for a marathon race I did some time ago, my coach used to say …

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Pudin de chia de chocolate y vainilla con cerezas

Three layer chia pudding

This three layer chia pudding recipe will soon become one of your favorite recipes for breakfast, a healthy dessert or snack.This recipe is made in partnership with TWO BITE Cherries– Superfresh Growers, pictures, opinions, and recipe are all mine. Cherries are one of my favorite fruits ever. Since I was a kid, anything cherry flavored was always my first pick. I love everything about them, the flavor, the …

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Acai smoothie bowl: crazy healthy

This recipe for acai smoothie bowl is easy to prepare and crazy delicious. Yes, this is a crazy healthy smoothie bowl, best breakfast ever. Easy, nutritious and fun to eat and prepare. And best of all no one at your house will ever leave to school or work with an empty stomach. Cause as we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the …

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pan de plátano vegano

Vegan banana bread

This vegan banana bread is one of my favorite recipes ever and one of the first I shared over here. Years ago I decided that I would start making some treat for my kids’ lunchbox. Although I always bought the ones with the fewest ingredients, with organic ingredients and with the least amount of sugar possible, … they are still not a treat made at …

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Oats and apple pancakes, the perfect recipe for a Sunday vegan brunch.

Oats and apple pancakes

This is the best recipe to upgrade your morning breakfast. Turn your regular pancakes into oats and apple pancakes, yum! Perfect weekend breakfast, for the days you can spend time reading the paper and having some coffee. For the slow and easy mornings, these pancakes are a homerun with my family. But even though these pancakes are delicious they are super healthy and made with …

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Recipe for vegan corn pancakes with spicy coconut "bacon"

Corn pancakes with spicy coconut bacon

This post was created in partnership with One Degre Organics, pictures, recipe and ideas are all mine. Yes, I know that the title might seem confusing…or a bit too long, but bear with me. Close your eyes and just imagine the fluffiest ever corn pancakes topped with healthy and a bit spicy coconut “bacon.” Sounds good right? Yummm! And better yet is that these pancakes …

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Sopes hechos en casa, receta vegana. Homemade sopes.

Homemade sopes

This recipe is for homemade sopes, a classic Mexican dish that can be served as breakfast, lunch or dinner. Cinco de Mayo is almost here, but let me tell you first, that Mexicans do not celebrate it at all. But I find it so cool that it’s celebrated; it’s like having a special day to share margarita recipes and Mexican food. This post was inspired by …

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Carrot cake flavored vegan orange smoothie.

Carrot cake flavored orange smoothie

You have to believe me when I say that this carrot flavored orange smoothie it is simply the best to start the day.Not all smoothies have to be green. Have you tried an orange smoothie? This one is creamy, full of flavor and amazing nutrients. But, the best part of it is… that you prepare it at night, store it and blend it in the …

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