Vegan homemade biscuits with only five ingredients

Homemade biscuits, five ingredientes

I just can’t imagine a Thanksgiving celebration without homemade biscuits. These are vegan and amazing. They are so easy and fast to prepare, you’ll be amazed. You’ll want to eat them during the big day, for breakfast and as a snack. Related content:homemade crackers Related Content:Banana s’mores Here is the …

mas…Homemade biscuits, five ingredientes

Chilaquiles or nachos, you decide

Chilaquiles or nachos, you decide. Which one works better for you? If you want nachos use less salsa Roja and if you want chilaquiles use more. Perfect recipe for both dishes. Use firm tofu and if you find NON-GMO, I find it best. Chips you could use to prepare your chilaquiles:  (contains affiliate …

mas…Chilaquiles or nachos, you decide

Oats and amaranth porridge with caramelized pears

Amazing and super easy breakfast, that will make every person in the world, that thinks that eating healthy is boring change their minds. This porridge is full of spices, texture and flavor. It is a great way to start the day.

Sweet breakfast bowl

This is  not the typical oat bowl of dry, over-cooked, flavorless and yucky oats. It is a bowl of creamy, delicious and well-cooked oats. And…the best of all is that it is topped with a sweet dressing. YES!!! A creamy and delicious cashew cream sweeten with dates, all whole foods …

mas…Sweet breakfast bowl

Carrot, beet and pear juice

Today is the end of my vacation, everything that stats comes to an end. And as much as I’m happy to start a new year I do not want to leave! It is funny, buy my years are measured as school years, not as regular years, from January to December. …

mas…Carrot, beet and pear juice