mango ceviche

Mango Ceviche, delicious and vegan

This mango ceviche is very easy to prepare, it is delicious and it is FISH free. I love this mango ceviche. It is very fresh and perfect for entertaining. With this recipe, you can serve something fresh, Mexican authentic and worry-free. This mango ceviche is worry-free because you can serve it to EVERBODY even children and do not worry about fish or shellfish allergies. It is …

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Authentic Mexican salsa verde

This recipe for salsa verde is very Mexican authentic, delicious and filled with health benefits. I grew up eating salsas at every meal. At the center of the table, there were always freshly made tortillas, “queso fresco” and any type of Mexican salsa. Salsa makes everything better right? My favorite has always been this “salsa verde”, well any kind of salsa verde. I do not …

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soccer party

How to host an epic soccer party

For sure this summer I will be hosting one soccer party, hopefully, more.  This post is in collaboration with Cost Plus World Market and #WeAllGrow Latina Network. Thank you for supporting the brands that I work with. At home, we could not be happier. This summer is the biggest global soccer championship! As I have told you many times, my three children play soccer. I spend my days …

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Sriracha sauce

Home made vegan sriracha sauce

I don’t make this sriracha sauce very often because when I do make it, I want to eat it all and on everything. Really, I could even eat it alone. I LOVE it. I decided that the reason I eat all day is that of these delicious sauces. That’s it, I promise!! But, the worst part is, that these sauces make me crave food. Not …

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Recipe for a Mexican hummus, give it a try, you'll love it.

Mexican Hummus with “chiles toreados”

This recipe for a Mexican hummus is spicy, addictive and delicous, give it a try, you’ll love it. Hummus needs no introduction, it is delicious and so versatile. But I guess, Mexican hummus or hummus with  “chiles toreados” need a bit of a definition here. Chiles toreados is a Mexican term for onions and chiles that are sautéed in a bit of oil and finished with soy …

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Recipe for almost super healthy vegan frito pie.

Healthy vegan frito pie

This recipe is an almost healthy vegan Frito pie, and I say almost because the only thing not homemade is the Fritos. Everything about this dish is homemade, the chili, the poblano cashew cream, even the pickled jalapeños. Everything but the Fritos, that is why I named this dish “almost super healthy vegan Frito pie.” I know it is January and everybody, including myself, is craving …

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hummus básico, hummus clásico


 This is the recipe for basic hummus, use this recipe as a base and add and adapt as you wish. I love hummus and this recipe for the basic hummus, the simplest hummus, is one of my favorites ever. You can prepare it with canned chickpeas or home-cooked ones. With both types of chickpeas, this recipe will turn out great. This basic hummus works as a …

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Recipe for spicy candied nuts 1 tablespoon olive oil or neutral tasting oil 1 tablespoon maple syrup ½ teaspoon fine grain salt ⅛ or ¼ teaspoon chipotle powder or cayenne pepper 2 1/2 cups nuts (any combination of your choice is excellent: pistachios, cashews, pecans, walnuts, etc.) Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a large bowl mix the nuts, add the oil, maple syrup, cayenne or chipotle powder and salt. Mix until all well covered, put on a baking sheet prepared with parchment paper or a silicone mat. Baked in the oven for 10 minutes, rotate the tray and bake for 8-10 more minutes. Remove from the oven and let cool before testing. If you have spare nuts store them in a tightly closed jar for five days, sprinkle over cooked oatmeal for breakfast or over try over a fresh salad.

Friends, a veggie plater with spicy candied nuts and good wines.

Thank you Cameron Hughes for sponsoring this post. Capture the celebratory spirit of the holidays, and toast to the season with Cameron Hughes wine! I just love this time of year; it’s the perfect season to spend time with our loved ones and have a toast. It is funny though, with my crazy schedule and lifestyle, you would have thought that in the evening I …

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Vegan artichoke and kale dip recipe. Perfect party food.

Vegan artichoke and kale dip

This recipe for vegan artichoke and kale dip is amazing. Creamy, delicious and easy to prepare. I love a good dip. The kind of dip that is healthy satisfying and easy to prepare. I made this vegan artichoke and kale dip for the first time and fell in love with it. Actually, it was the first time I tried it. I know it is not …

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