Cranberry sauce

Homemade cranberry sauce

This is the only cranberry sauce you’ll ever need on your Thanksgiving table. It is tangy, sweet, with tons of texture and delicious. Best of all, you make it with only FIVE ingredients. Yes, FIVE, and you only need one pot to make it. So this cranberry sauce recipe is …

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Vegan Aquafaba Mayo

This recipe for vegan mayo is super easy to prepare and it tastes exactly the same as regular homemade mayo. The secret… AQUAFABA, yes this aquafaba vegan mayo is simply the best. So, aquafaba is the liquid in a can of chickpeas or the liquid in the pot after your …

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Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto

This sun-dried tomato pesto is one of the first recipes I shared on my blog and is still one of my favorites. En una revista que estaba leyendo, una chef se describía a si misma como una I was reading a magazine one day, and there was an article about …

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hummus básico, hummus clásico


This is the recipe for basic hummus, use this recipe as a base and add or adapt as you wish. I love hummus and this recipe for the basic hummus, the simplest hummus, is one of my favorite recipes ever. You can prepare it with canned chickpeas or home-cooked ones. …



These chipotle roasted chickpeas are going to be your favorite things. I promise you. You can put them in salads, in soups instead of croutons or eat them like popcorn. They really are the best! Right now it is summer, and it is so hot, the children have been inside …


Lemon and olive focaccia

I’m so happy to finally sit down and write about this book and this lemon and olive focaccia. This recipe is adapted from the nw book of Love&Lemons “Everyday” from Jeanine and Jack. I’ve always been a huge fan of Love&Lemons‘ blog. I love their beautiful pictures, the design, and …

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I always imagine myself having pasta with avocado pesto on a summer night on the patio. I guess it is because it is the perfect summer food. Why avocado pesto? Because you can use it in many different ways from pasta to sandwiches, dips or to top a plate full …


chiles toreados

How to make chiles toreados

Have you ever tried chiles toreados? If so… just jump to the recipe and start making them. If not, you have to try them… Chiles toreados are a type of Mexican salsa, well it is not technically a salsa. It is a special mix of ingredients that has magical powers …

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