creamy jalapeño salsa

Creamy Jalapeño Salsa (VIDEO)

This is the most delicious creamy jalapeño salsa in the world; you have to try it. It’s hard to believe, but this creamy jalapeño salsa only has THREE ingredients. This is a “secret” recipe because I had to convince Sergio to give me “his” recipe and to let me take …

mas…Creamy Jalapeño Salsa (VIDEO)

mango ceviche

Mango Ceviche, delicious and vegan

This mango ceviche is very easy to prepare, it is delicious and it is FISH free. I love this mango ceviche. It is very fresh and perfect for entertaining. With this recipe, you can serve something fresh, Mexican authentic and worry-free. This mango ceviche is worry-free because you can serve it …

mas…Mango Ceviche, delicious and vegan

Authentic Mexican salsa verde

This recipe for salsa verde is a Mexican authentic, delicious and filled with health benefits. I grew up eating salsas at every meal. At the center of the table, there were always freshly made tortillas, “queso fresco” and any type of Mexican salsa. Salsa makes everything better right? My favorite …

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soccer party

How to host an epic soccer party

For sure this summer I will be hosting one soccer party, hopefully, more.  This post is in collaboration with Cost Plus World Market and #WeAllGrow Latina Network. Thank you for supporting the brands that I work with. At home, we could not be happier. This summer is the biggest global soccer championship! As …

mas…How to host an epic soccer party

Recipe for almost super healthy vegan frito pie.

Healthy vegan frito pie

This recipe is an almost healthy vegan Frito pie, and I say almost because the only thing not homemade is the Fritos. Everything about this dish is homemade, the chili, the poblano cashew cream, even the pickled jalapeños. Everything but the Fritos, that is why I named this dish “almost super …

mas…Healthy vegan frito pie