Vegan Shepherd's pie

Vegan Shepherd’s pie

I hope this vegan Shepherd’s pie recipe serves you well and becomes one of your favorite recipes ever for fall and winter season.This post is sponsored by Copper Chef Wonder Cooker. The pictures, the recipe, and opinions are all mine. If you’re like me, sometimes you think twice about cooking …

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Enchiladas verdes super rápidas

Easy vegan green enchiladas

Ok, I have a secret to confess. The first time I made these easy vegan green enchiladas was with leftovers I had in the fridge… and they turned out delicious. They came together so easy that I kept preparing them again and again. I just love these easy recipes that …

mas…Easy vegan green enchiladas

crispy potato tacos

Crispy potato tacos

These crispy potato tacos are one of my kids’ favorite Mexican meals ever. So here is the recipe for these crispy potato tacos and if you prepare them and like them please share the recipe and the blog. I would love to see your creations on  INSTAGRAM  @piloncilloyvainilla #piloncilloyvainilla . …

mas…Crispy potato tacos