Cauliflower fried rice

This recipe is for cauliflower fried rice, or I should say fried rice without rice is delicious. It is full of flavor, vegan protein, and it is very easy to prepare. I do not know if you’ve seen that cauliflower rice is super trendy, well it’s not really rice. The …

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Sauce being poured over tacos dorados

Tacos Dorados Sinaloa Style

Taco dorado means crispy taco, a deep-fried taco. Sinaloa is a state in Mexico, where food is delicious, as, in all the country, I know. But most importantly, I think is that these tacos dorados are drowned in a delicious sauce. But these tacos are not filled and rolled up …

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Hibiscus tacos.

Hibiscus flower tacos

Yes, I know you might think I’m a bit crazy. And yes, hibiscus flowers are edible, and they taste amazing! So, next time you have this delicacy, save it to make hibiscus flower tacos. And it is so easy to prepare; this could easily be a recipe without a recipe. …

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Instant Pot refried beans

This is the easiest way to make authentic Mexican refried beans in no time at all. With this recipe, you will have the best vegan, creamy and delicious refried beans ever. My kids get so excited when they find refried beans in the fridge. They love to have taquitos, sopes …

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These chipotle bbq mushroom sliders will soon become one of your favorite meals. The chipotle bbq sauce is homemade and perfect for this or any other dish. And if you start with the best ingredients, you will end with the best vegan bbq slider ever. I made the chipotle bbq …


Enchiladas verdes super rápidas

Easy vegan green enchiladas

Ok, I have a secret to confess. The first time I made these easy vegan green enchiladas was with leftovers I had in the fridge… and they turned out delicious. They came together so easy that I kept preparing them again and again. I just love these easy recipes that …

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