Enchiladas verdes super rápidas

Easy vegan green enchiladas

Ok, I have a secret to confess. The first time I made these easy vegan green enchiladas was with leftovers I had in the fridge… and they turned out delicious. They came together so easy that I kept preparing them again and again. I just love these easy recipes that …

mas…Easy vegan green enchiladas

Vegetable Ragu

Don’t you love pasta? This vegetable ragu is perfect for a romantic dinner or a family meal. Don’t you have days that you feel like having a date with your partner? I know that for those days, the ideal thing is to go out. To have someone cook you dinner, …

mas…Vegetable Ragu

Vegan posole

This vegan posole recipe is authentic, easy, healthy and the only one you will ever need to make real Mexican posole. I could eat Mexican food every single day, and not just because I am Mexican because it is delicious. I love that it is flavorful, full of different textures …

mas…Vegan posole

vegan stuffing

Vegan stuffing with leeks and kale

This vegan stuffing with leeks and kale has to be in your Thanksgiving table. Please? I don’t want you to miss these flavors, and when combined with the cranberry sauce and the mashed potatoes, and all the yumminesssssss of the night… Bam… the party suddenly lights up. This vegan stuffing …

mas…Vegan stuffing with leeks and kale