Hamburguesa de frijol y arroz, hamburguesa vegana.

Best black bean vegan burger

This recipe for black bean vegan burger recipe is super easy to make, delicious, and healthy. When you read the recipe and how easy it is to make the best vegan burgers you will have them once a week on the menu. Yes, vegans eat hamburgers, very delicious and tasty …

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This recipe for a healthy kale sandwich is one of my favorite recipes ever. It comes together in less than ten minutes and it is so healthy you could even have a side of chips with it. How to make a vegan Sandwich? It is very very easy, instead of …


Vegan lentil picadillo tacos

Vegan Lentil picadillo

Picadillo is a classic Mexican dish. It is the type of recipe that gets passed by generation through generation. Every family has its version of it; this lentil picadillo recipe is my version, my home’s version, a vegan version. What is picadillo? The name of the picadillo comes from the …

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Cauliflower fried rice

This recipe is for cauliflower fried rice, or I should say fried rice without rice is delicious. It is full of flavor, vegan protein, and it is very easy to prepare. I do not know if you’ve seen that cauliflower rice is super trendy, well it’s not really rice. The …

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Sauce being poured over tacos dorados

Tacos Dorados Sinaloa Style

Taco dorado means crispy taco, a deep-fried taco. Sinaloa is a state in Mexico, where food is delicious, as, in all the country, I know. But most importantly, I think is that these tacos dorados are drowned in a delicious sauce. But these tacos are not filled and rolled up …

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Hibiscus tacos.

Hibiscus flower tacos

Yes, I know you might think I’m a bit crazy. And yes, hibiscus flowers are edible, and they taste amazing! So, next time you have this delicacy, save it to make hibiscus flower tacos. And it is so easy to prepare; this could easily be a recipe without a recipe. …

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