Basil dressing

Don’t you love a good dressing? A dressing that makes you eat and eat salads all day long. But a good and super tasty dressing that makes even the simplest salad AMAZING? Yes, me too. This basil dressing is all that and more. so, What’s in the basil dressing? This …

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tostadas de ceviche vegano

Vegan Ceviche tostadas

This recipe for vegan ceviche tostadas is one of my favorite vegan Mexican recipes ever. It is very tasty and easy to prepare, 100% Mexican foodies approved. Every summer as a kid we spent a lot of time on the beach. My parents loved to explore different places in Mexico, …

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ensalada de verano con duraznos

Peach and avocado summer salad

This peach and avocado salad is perfect for summer. It comes together in a pinch and it is very easy to make. But the best thing about this vegan salad is that everyone in your family will love it. Probably the combination of peach and avocado does not sound like …

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Mediterranean cauliflower salad

Madly in love with this Mediterranean cauliflower salad, it could also be called a healthy Mediterranean salad, vegan cauliflower salad, or raw cauliflower salad. Any way you want to call it, I’m pretty sure you are going to love it. But let me tell you why. The crunchiness of the …

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Chickpea salad sandwich

This recipe for chickpea salad sandwich is delicious, easy to prepare, healthy and will taste good with canned, jarred or home-cooked chickpeas. I think that one of the biggest problems we all have is that we don’t give ourselves enough time to cook. I include myself on the list because …

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Easy bean celery salad

This easy bean celery salad is one of my favorite salads to eat for lunch or as a side dish for dinner. It is easy, delicious, and has fiber, protein, vitamins, and tons of flavor. This salad is a must at home when we have a pasta dish or pizza …

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