crema de brocoli

Simple vegan broccoli soup

This simple vegan broccoli soup is delicious, easy and so comforting.  There are some flavors that I could never get tired of, there are flavors that have always been in my life and probably in many many peoples life. Like this simple vegan broccoli soup, it is classic, simple, delicious, and very easy to prepare. I love this type of recipes that I know my …

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sopa fría de aguacate

Avocado and cucumber cold soup

This recipe for avocado and cucumber cold soup is one of the first recipes EVER that I ever posted on this blog, and it still is one of my favorites. I found it yesterday while I was looking for recipes to prepare this Saturday since we have friends over. I decided to retake the pictures so that there could be a step-by-step for this recipe. …

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crema de champiñón

Creamy vegan mushroom soup

This creamy vegan mushroom soup has been on my list of posts for a long time now, and I haven’t been able to post it until now. It’s delicious, and the mushrooms have millions of benefits. Dr.Greger (which I’m a big fan of), tells you all of the benefits of mushrooms in his book called “How not to die.” Did you know that they are …

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Receta de sopa de pasta y verduras mexicana.Healthy Mexican pasta and veggies soup

Healthy Mexican pasta and veggies soup

This healthy Mexican pasta and veggies soup is a must in every Mexican home. It is the kind of soup that heals, nourishes and makes everybody happy. Sofia came home from school on Monday afternoon with a fever.  I have no idea what happened, she was perfect in the morning and suddenly… B-A-M, she was sick.  She was feeling ok, just a bit tired and …

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gazpacho de sandía, watermelon gazpacho

Watermelon gazpacho

This watermelon gazpacho recipe is so yummy, so can drink it as a meal starter o smoothie during the day. Can you imagine starting the meal with a delicious cold soup, spicy and full of vitamins and minerals ??? It sounds incredible, does not it ??? Besides the color is spectacular and has many antioxidants. It is the perfect recipe for your household that makes …

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mexican vegetable soup

Mexican vegetable soup

This Mexican vegetable soup has been in my family forever, it was passed from my grandma to my mom and from my mom to me. This soup is one of my favorites. I love everything about it. The smell, the combination of textures and how easy and healthy it is. It screams Mexico all over it,  even just looking at it. All those tortilla chips …

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Mexican lentil soup

Mexican lentil soup

This recipe for Mexican lentil soup is delicious and very easy to prepare. And this is the soup that I used to eat as a kid, and I always loved it. Now I prepare it for my kids, and it is one of the meals that they like the most. I feel pretty confident to feed them this type of dishes; it has everything they …

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Vegan French onion soup

Vegan French onion soup

This vegan French onion soup is to die for, it is easy, delicious and comforting. This winter has been colder than what we normally get in Texas. Where I live; there is no snow or ice or any temperature below the fifties. I have been freezing all day long, and the only thing that I crave are soups, especially this Vegan French onion soup.  Related …

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This recipe of chickpea vegan noodle soup is to die for.

Chickpea noodle vegan soup

This chickpea noodle vegan soup made with vegetable broth, pasta, chopped vegetables, and chickpeas is the kind of soup you want to eat when you have a cold or the flu. This recipe is adapted from “Fuss-Free Vegan” from Sam T. One of my dreams is to write a cookbook, that’s something it has been living in my mind forever… Hopefully one day I’ll do …

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