sopa de frijol y tomate

Black bean tomato soup +VIDEO

This black bean tomato soup is super healthy, 100% vegan recipe, and is the quickest one I’ve written here on my blog. Today was one of those days that I don’t know how, but time just slipped away, and suddenly when I looked at the clock it was already 1:00. …

mas…Black bean tomato soup +VIDEO


I have no idea why I felt so daunted to prepare Mexican tortilla soup. Probably it was because I felt that a tortilla soup without chicken wasn’t authentic enough. But then I remembered a place we used to eat when I lived in Mexico City, they served vegan tortilla soup. …


sopa de zanahoria detox


This detox carrot soup is a perfect way to start the new year if you want to start eating healthier. t’s delicious, and it is a detox soup. In January we are always bombarded with photos of miracle drinks and diets, but I still prefer to eat deliciously and healthy. …


Creamy vegan pot pie soup

Creamy Vegan pot pie soup

This creamy vegan pot pie soup is the easiest and the most uncomplicated version that you’ll find. Can you believe that when I was young, I just couldn’t eat soup? Don’t get me wrong; I feel that I’ve always been a professional eater. I looooove to eat, to savor every …

mas…Creamy Vegan pot pie soup

Classic tomato soup

Classic tomato soup

This tomato soup is one of my kids’ favorite soups ever, they like it so much they even take it to school for lunch. It is one of the soups they like the most and ask quite often for it. They love to have it for lunch with a vegan …

mas…Classic tomato soup

crema de champiñón

Creamy vegan mushroom soup

This creamy vegan mushroom soup has been on my list of posts for a long time now, and I haven’t been able to post it until now. It’s delicious, and the mushrooms have millions of benefits. Dr.Greger (which I’m a big fan of), tells you all of the benefits of …

mas…Creamy vegan mushroom soup

gazpacho de sandía, watermelon gazpacho

Watermelon gazpacho

This watermelon gazpacho recipe is so yummy, so can drink it as a meal starter o smoothie during the day. Can you imagine starting the meal with a delicious cold soup, spicy and full of vitamins and minerals ??? It sounds incredible, does not it ??? Besides the color is …

mas…Watermelon gazpacho