This recipe for zucchini and basil soup is amazingly perfect for these last days of summer. It is creamy, fresh and super healthy. This has been a year filled with many challenges! Still, I believe whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. I am hoping to soon get back to …


Broccoli soup with cashews

This recipe for vegan broccoli soup with cashews is ridiculosly good and easy to make, it is creamy, delicious, and very healthy. This broccoli soup might look like the same old broccoli soup, but I can assure you it’s not the case! This broccoli soup is top notch in taste …

mas…Broccoli soup with cashews

Sopa de brocoli, hojas verdes y alubias

Broccoli and greens soup

This broccoli and greens soup is one of the best soups ever. It is easy to prepare, hearty and full of greens, which translates in full of benefits. It is the kind of soup that it is so healthy and powerful that will become a staple in your home. It has …

mas…Broccoli and greens soup

Recipe for the best green Mexican Soup with chickpeas ever.

Green Mexican Soup with chickpeas

This green Mexican soup with chickpeas is perfect for a chilly night or if you want to start introducing new flavors to your family.  Super easy and delicious  Mexican soup with chickpeas! It is a combination of flavors between salsa verde and green posole, it is delicious, healthy and very easy …

mas…Green Mexican Soup with chickpeas