vegan gluten-free tiramisu


Don’t you just love it when you can eat dessert without feeling guilty? And better yet, when it is gluten-free, vegan, easy to prepare, and incredibly delicious? Well, this gluten-free, vegan tiramisu is exactly ALL of that. When I was a kid, going to Italian restaurants that served kid-friendly (non-alcoholic) …


Winter Strawberry Cake

This Winter Strawberry Cake is perfect for birthdays or any other celebration. This vanilla cake is moist and spongy and finished with a light and creamy strawberry frosting. And it is a very easy recipe to have on hand for every celebration. You can use this cake recipe for birthdays, …

mas…Winter Strawberry Cake

Vegan Day of the Dead Bread

This Day of the Dead, vegan Day of the Dead bread is so easy and delicious to prepare that I’m sure you’ll bake more than one. Day of the Dead in México is a big celebration. And it is not to celebrate death, is to celebrate the people that left …

mas…Vegan Day of the Dead Bread

muffins de zucchini con chocolate

Chocolate zucchini muffins

For me, these chocolate zucchini muffins are a dream come true. Let me tell you why, my kids love them they don’t have any refined sugars or oils and its a sweet with veggies. They are moist, spongy, full of flavor and have tons of good stuff for our bodies… …

mas…Chocolate zucchini muffins

Perfect vegan brownies

One of my favorite recipes from all time, VEGAN BROWNIES!!! I love anything with dark chocolate in it, but brownies and vegan healthy brownies they just are on the top of the list! One day I was watching a nutrition documentary, and a diet specialist said that it is ok …

mas…Perfect vegan brownies


I can’t be more excited to talk about this gluten-free campfire mousse recipe. This vegan recipe is perfect for the summer or any time of the year when you crave campfire food. It works perfectly for those rainy summer days or a  formal dinner. This recipe has become one of …