Alejandra Graf, BrownSugar&Vanilla


I’m Alejandra, the voice, the eye, the everything of Piloncillo&Vainilla, BrownSugar&Vanilla.

I love to cook, to read, to run and to eat. I’m Mexican, married an American and we’ve been living in the United States, for almost 7 years now.  We have three kids.

I grew up in a very, very foodie family. My childhood memories are always around food. My favorite evenings are in the kitchen with my family and friends. The kitchen is always our best meeting point.

When our first child, Santiago, was born the way I cooked changed dramatically. His allergies led us to clean, organic and 100% plant based food. I have spent almost 12 years on this path. I continue to improve and evolve through courses, books, and classes. I´m still fascinated by all the ingredients and combinations that I need to try. Last year I finished my Professional Certification as a plant base cook.

The main idea BrownSugar&Vanilla is to answer the question I get most often … .What do you eat? I love the idea of sharing my experiences in the kitchen, my recipes and our lifestyle.

I invite you to try the benefits of eating healthy, stop eating processed food and return to the basics.

Definitely, less is more. I invite you to try, it’s FREE.

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