Miko + GIVEAWAY: Amazing prizes for you and your pet.

Miko y Solid Gold.p&V

What do you think of having this handsome guy again in Piloncillo&Vanilla?!?! I´m super happy to have him and to host my first giveaway with him {keep on reading…. entries at the bottom…⬇️}. And you can’t believe how happy I am to have him! He got lost during the summer. Even if it was only for a couple of hours, it was so stress full.

Miko y Solid Gold.p&V ¡¡¡Even Miko stressed out, and he was really mad with us!!? I was out of town with the kids and Sergio was super far away from home and our backyard door, open! Scary…. Miko y Solid Gold.p&V

Thank God Miko is super spoiled and he gets scared really easy he did not go far. Because of that and a great friend that helped us, Miko is home and safe. Sleeping and eating a lot! He would be one year in November, so he is probably going through a growth sprout, just like my kids, ha.

Miko y Solid Gold.p&VA few months ago Solid Gold contacted me and asked if I would like to try their food. Well, Miko. When I learned about their mission and their commitment to pets health, I said yes. This company makes holistic and natural food for pets. They truly believe in the same principles I do, good food for a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Miko is growing fast, healthy, happy and handsome. These are the results of a good and well-balanced diet. And, nothing makes me more happy to be able to share this pet food with you. That is why the first ever P&V’s giveaway will be in partnership with SOLID GOLD. ??The prize: (1) 4lbs bag of food (dog or cat; winner’s choice), (1) t-shirt, (1) tote bag, (1) food scoop, (1) $3 coupon. 
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Miko y Solid Gold.p&VMiko y Solid Gold.p&V Miko is our baby, the spoiled one in the house, he has given us a lot. When he got lost I could really think about how many happy moments and laughter he has given us. That is why I want to take care of him, give him just the best and let this happiness last for many years. Enter the contest, maybe you will win, I will assure you that your pet would thank you for it.


*This contest is for USA residents only. This post is in partnership with Solid Gold, they provide the prize, all pictures and opinions are mine.