On the menu Week #10

As spring season gets closer I start craving more and more salads and lighter soups. So here you go, some amazing weekday meal ideas.

MondayMexican chickpea soup, a soup that feels like a hug.

Tuesday, perfect and creamy spinach and poblano soup with a delicious and crumbly topping. Here’s a tip, double the recipe for the topping and use it throughout the week over pasta, salads and other soups.

WEDNESDAY– love this taco salad for lunch, dinner or even breakfast. It is so good and easy to make that I’m sure you’re gonna love it.

Thursday, a super fun recipe before the weekend. Maybe you like these deep fried lasagna rolls so much that you make them over the weekend also.

Friday is for enchiladas. Love this recipe for enchiladas verdes, it is so good and easy to prepare I’m pretty sure you’ll have it on repeat every single week.

Saturday, wake up to the perfect and delicious smell of cinammon rolls.

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