On the menu Week #6

For this week on the menu, I chose a variety of recipes that will not only warm our bodies, but they will also warm our souls. Each recipe has a special ingredient to make us feel good, full of energy, and ready to embrace the day.


This instant pot split pea soup with fresh herbs recipe is perfect for you to start enjoying all the powerful benefits of eating fresh herbs, legumes, and grains in a bowl.


This Mexican beet and orange salad is one of my favorite recipes ever. I love the color, the texture, and of course the flavor. The colors are wonderful and the taste is impressive. In Mexico, there are families this recipe for beet salad is their Christmas salad.


It’s hard to go wrong with this one – Mexican food has something for everyone, and with all the different flavors going on, you’ll never get bored of it! Check out this ROASTED SWEET POTATO MEXICAN BUDDHA BOWL with cashew chipotle dressing that proves that point nicely. This recipe is packed with roasted sweet potatoes, sautéed greens, beans, rice, and lots of other goodness. And the best part? You can make it fast, so it is perfect for busy people.


This Vegan Banana Bread is a one-bowl recipe that requires just 9 ingredients and no special equipment. It’s quick, easy, and super delicious. Use the recipe to make a banana loaf or muffins! 

This banana bread recipe is the perfect homemade treat and it’s great for kid’s lunch boxes or an after-school snack. We also love it for breakfast with homemade almond butter and berry chia jam.


Avocado-toast is one of the best ways ever invented to eat toast. But this kimchi avocado toast is on another level of deliciousness. This toast is an explosion of flavor every bite. (Important note: not all kimchi is vegan. Double-check and read the labels before buying.)


Vegan Toffee is a crunchy treat with a deliciously creamy chocolate coating on top and coarsely chopped roasted almonds (affiliate link) and a touch of salt. Vegan toffee is perfect for dessert, as a hostess or Christmas gift, or as an after-dinner surprise for your whole family.

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