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Best black bean vegan burger

This recipe is for sure the easiest and best black bean vegan burger you’ll eat. Yes, vegans eat hamburgers, very delicious and tasty hamburgers. We eat black bean burgers. And you know what they are incredibly delicious and healthy. This recipe is the easiest black bean burger you’ll find. This recipe for black bean burgers only needs 4 ingredients. Yes, F O U R isn’t it incredible??? I’m sure that you already know that the hamburgers from the popular fast food restaurants have more than 72 ingredients, VERDAD?… RIGHT??? Related content: Mexican Mole Burgers But not these fantastic and…

Mexican Drowned tostada, tostada ahogada

This recipe for Mexican drowned tostada or “tostada ahogada” is my adaptation from my mom’s recipe for tacos dorados. This post is made in partnership with Western Union (#sponsored), the recipe, pictures, and opinions are all mine. When I was young, we went to Cuernavaca, every weekend, days off, vacations, etc.  Cuernavaca is a beautiful city very close to Mexico City. Our house was always packed with family and friends. It was super fun, but for me, still, the best part of this time in Cuernavaca was all the food my mom made. She always made…

Almond flour chocolate chip cookies

This is the easiest recipe for vegan and gluten-free almond flour chocolate chip cookies. Last Sunday I was in the kitchen with the kids and I thought I had the greatest idea ever. I pulled out a bowl, my almond flour and other ingredients and baked these almond flour chocolate chip cookies.  I even asked Santiago to write the ingredients as I added them to the bowl. After the cookies were baked, I tried them and thought: “WOW these are so good!” I really was impressed with myself that I developed a recipe so quickly….

Creamy peanut butter pie with a crunchy chocolate crust

This creamy peanut butter pie with a crunchy chocolate crust is one of the most amazing desserts you’ll ever make. It is crunchy, dreamy, delicious and creamy… yes, all of that. This post is made in partnership with ONE DEGREE ORGANICS, the recipe, the pictures, and opinions are all my own. I’ve had this recipe idea in my mind forever, I love my food with bold flavors and different textures, so the idea of a creamy peanut butter pie was perfect but needed some more texture, more flavor. Until I tried the new “SPROUTED CACAO’OS” cereal from…

Strawberry and hibiscus margaritas

This strawberry and hibiscus margaritas are to die for, they are a bit tart and sweet and super refreshing. Every year, my friend from the blog HOLA JALAPEÑO hosts a  MARGARITA WEEK just before Cinco de Mayo. I think it is fantastic all the recipes that all of her friends prepare. I love it; as a Mexican, it is so refreshing to see other bloggers creations on a traditional drink from my country. Last year I also did a non-alcoholic margarita, the good thing about preparing this type of recipes is that you could easily add…

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