How to make chiles toreados

Have you ever tried chiles toreados? If so… just jump to the recipe and start making them. If not, you have to try them… Chiles toreados are a type of Mexican salsa, well it is not technically a salsa. It is a special mix of ingredients that has magical powers to spice up any dish that you add them too. They are super easy to make and you’ll find them in a lot of restaurants in Mexico City. You’ll find them in taquerías, in sushi restaurants or even in fancier restaurants. To make them you just have to fry some onion on a little bit…

chipotle Roasted cauliflower tacos

This is one of the recipes that I just can’t stop eating 🙄. I know, it has everything I love… these are chipotle roasted cauliflower tacos. What could be more delicious than tacos? Mmmmm, it depends, but as much as I think of it… I can’t find something that I like more than tacos. There are many things that I love just as much as tacos, but no more, if that makes sense. I could eat tacos at every single meal. And these roasted chipotle roasted cauliflower tacos spicy, colorful slaw every day of the week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I love them! They…

vegan bean fajitas

This recipe for vegan bean fajitas is easy, delicious and super healthy. I got the inspo from my friend’s Erin Instagram account. And one of the best things about Instagram is that you can actually make some friends, learn and get inspired. I feel there is a lot of talk about social media but I truly believe there is always good out there. We are the ones that choose waht to look at or what to consume. So… while scrolling through the feed I saw the fajitas that Erin made. I loved the idea, especially because I love to make a HOMEMADE LATIN SEASONING MIX….

Vegan and healthy Mexican horchata

This recipe for vegan and healthy Mexican horchata is easy, delicious and very authentic. The original Mexican horchata is made with white rice, sugar, and cinnamon. It is delicious, but it does not have tons of nutritional benefits. There are a lot of recipes out there that they even have condensed milk in it. As you know, I am a BIG FAN of flavor and nutritional benefits as well. So I decided to make this vegan and healthy Mexican horchata full of flavor and fantastic benefits for us. I mean it is so good you could even use it for smoothies, cereal, tea or coffee….

apple and thyme muffins

Yes, I know, it is not a common combination for a muffin, but I hope you try these apple and thyme muffins. I’m pretty sure you’re going to love them very much. Just think about it, apples and thyme are a match made in heaven. They work perfectly well in savory dishes, so why not in a treat? These apple and thyme muffins have maple syrup instead of sugar, apple chunks, cinnamon and the freshness of thyme. Don’t they sound like the perfect bite? I know these flavors are slowly coming together in your head. Caramel, cinnamon, apple, maple syrup, and that fresh touch of thyme all in…


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