Mocha-chia pudding

This mocha-chia pudding will always be one of my favorite desserts/breakfasts. I love when desserts are so healthy that you can eat them up for breakfast. I have served this vegan chia pudding in both ways, for breakfast, and dessert, well, even for a snack. I love chia pudding and my children too. I think it’s the perfect snack to have in the fridge. My kids eat it as an after school snack, breakfast, or those times when they are starving. Chia pudding is the perfect canvas to put fruit, granola, nuts seeds, and many other superfoods on top. Here are some tips and tricks for preparing…

Homemade sopes

This recipe is for homemade sopes, Mexican sopes, a classic Mexican dish that can be served as breakfast, lunch or dinner. Have you tried it? Cinco de Mayo is almost here, but let me tell you first, that Mexicans do not celebrate it at all. But I find it so cool that it’s celebrated here in the States; it’s like having a special day to share margarita recipes and Mexican food. I couldn’t be more excited about this! So I hope you like this very traditional Mexican recipe for sopes. How to make Mexican Sopes? It is really easy to make homemade Mexican sopes. The first…

Vegan ragu with mushrooms and lentils

This vegan ragu recipe with mushrooms and lentils will be your next favorite pasta sauce… or gnocchi sauce… I mean it is so good that you can put it on top of everything. I served this vegan Italian sauce on top of potato gnocchi for dinner this week and the kids liked it so much, they asked if they could take it for lunch as well. It made me very happy because this recipe is as nourishing as delicious. So technically this is not a ragu sauce, ragu has meat and it takes hours to make. But my version of this vegan ragu recipe is…

Easy vegan parmesan cheese, 4 ingredientes

Us, vegans, don’t eat any type of cheese or dairy. But…. we eat delicious combinations of very healthy and powerful ingredients. This easy vegan parmesan cheese is an example of them, and to make this deliciousness… you only need 4 ingredients. With this easy vegan parmesan cheese, you can finish soups, salads, pasta dishes, and even popcorn. And I know it is not parmesan but it tastes cheesy and it gives that extra boost of flavor to everything it touches. I don’t know about you, but when something is so flavorful and nutritious, I don’t care how you call it. And this easy vegan parmesan…

Almond chocolate bars

These almond chocolate bars take five minutes to put together. You pulse all the ingredients ina food processor (affiliate link), then you press them down in a tray and then and cover with melted chocolate. This recipe for chocolate almond bars is the perfect lift me up treat when I’m having slow afternoons. It is also perfect for that moment your sweet tooth kicks in. But you know better right? You know that the best way to attack it is with a treat made with real ingredients. As I told you before, to make these almond chocolate bars you: Pulse. Press. Pour to cover. Enjoy. It…

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I’m Alejandra, the creator of BrownSugar&Vanilla. My space where I share my love for food and recipes that will nourish your body, mind, and soul. I’m also Mexican, so if you see a huge spelling/grammar mistake or don’t see what you want in English, please shoot me an email. Do you want to know more?

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