Q&A about veganism

Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions I get the most as a vegan diet follower.

Where do you get your protein and iron?

And I always answer that it comes from soups like this. Lentils are fantastic in every way. They are straightforward to cook, filled with benefits, and are a vital source of protein and iron.

I like to prepare this lentil soup with green lentils and a bunch of veggies. This way, I am doubling the benefits of nutrition and flavor. Don’t you think?

Do vegetables have protein?

As I told you before, lentils have many healthy properties and protein. Here are other vegetables and recipes that are equally nutritious:
➡︎ Broccoli. you can eat it raw, roasted in a salad, or my favorite, vegan and Spinach broccoli soup.
➡︎ Spinach. It is wonderful in soups like this Mexican soup with chickpeas or in a salad taste super delicious.
➡︎ Peas are the best; put them in a vegetable soup, this soup or if they are dry, prepare a soup
➡︎ Kale also has many good things. Put them in your smoothie, chopped in a salad or soup.