Roasted carrots with cilantro-pumpkin seed salsa

These roasted carrots are amazing for Thanksgiving; they work with a traditional menu or a vegan and plant-powered one.roasted-carrots

I love Thanksgiving! It has become my favorite Holiday of the entire year even though I did not grow up celebrating it. It is a Holiday that my family and I have embraced since we moved from Mexico to the States.

I love the tradition of having the family together cooking, talking and just enjoying our time together. I love that the kids have only one week off school and there are no buying presents involved.

I feel like Thanksgiving is all about the important stuff, the stuff that matters: family, being grateful and having good food at the table.

And also being grateful for friends and life. That is why I find that this post is perfect to celebrate both: life and friendship.

I am super happy and grateful for my new partnership with my friend Kelly from Nosh&Nourish. She is all about celebrating colorful and delicious food. She is also a great friend that “life” brought into my life. Pretty sure you’re gonna love her.

So go over to this LINK to see the complete recipe for these amazing carrots with cilantro pumpkin seed salsa and I hope you like it as much as we do. If you do, please take a picture of it and post it on Instagram (tag @noshandnourish and @piloncilloyvainilla).

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These look so beautiful Ale! I think I’ll be making them all winter long!

Silvia Martinez

Love them, the colors, the combination, everything!


So colorful and healthy. Thanks for the recipe!!

Enriqueta E Lemoine

I do really love rainbow carrots and this ones look spectacular!