Apple salad with brussels sprouts, pomegranate seeds, and maple- balsamic vinegar dressing

Apple salad with brussels sprouts

This apple salad with brussels sprouts, pomegranate seeds, and an epic maple-balsamic vinaigrette is delicious, nutritious, and very easy to prepare. This salad is perfect for the whole family and for when you want your children to experience new flavors or just eat a good salad and fresh fruits and …

mas…Apple salad with brussels sprouts

Oats and apple pancakes, the perfect recipe for a Sunday vegan brunch.

Oats and apple pancakes

This is the best recipe to take your Sunday morning breakfast to the next level. This recipe for oats and apple pancakes is straightforward to prepare, and every bite is deliciousness overload. It is the perfect breakfast for weekends because they take a little longer than normal pancakes. This recipe …

mas…Oats and apple pancakes