Hamburguesa de frijol y arroz, hamburguesa vegana.

Best black bean vegan burger

This recipe for black bean vegan burger recipe is super easy to make, delicious, and healthy. When you read the recipe and how easy it is to make the best vegan burgers you will have them once a week on the menu. Yes, vegans eat hamburgers, very delicious and tasty …

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Healthy Mexican burritos

This is probably the healthiest and easiest burrito you’ll ever try. Just imagine a flour burrito  tortilla filled with black beans and brown rice heated with an awesome chipotle enchilada sauce… Sounds super good right? And they are also made with make-ahead ingredients, they travel well and are kind of …

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Chilaquiles or nachos, you decide

Chilaquiles or nachos, you decide. Which one works better for you? If you want nachos use less salsa Roja and if you want chilaquiles use more. Perfect recipe for both dishes. Use firm tofu and if you find NON-GMO, I find it best. Chips you could use to prepare your chilaquiles:  (contains affiliate …

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Easiest Mexican quinoa salad

This is the easiest Mexican quinoa salad ever! It is delish and easy and full of Mexican flavors. During September, in Mexico we celebrate our Independence. So, what a better way celebrate than eating a healthy, easy and fast salad? At home, my kids get really excited when we have …

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