crema de brocoli

Simple vegan broccoli soup

This simple vegan broccoli soup is delicious, easy and so comforting.  There are some flavors that I could never get tired of, there are flavors that have always been in my life and probably in many many peoples life. Like this simple vegan broccoli soup, it is classic, simple, delicious, …

mas…Simple vegan broccoli soup

Sopa de brocoli, hojas verdes y alubias

Broccoli and greens soup

This broccoli and greens soup is one of the best soups ever. It is easy to prepare, hearty and full of greens, which translates in full of benefits. It is the kind of soup that it is so healthy and powerful that will become a staple in your home. It has …

mas…Broccoli and greens soup