Recipe for vegan lime macaroons

Vegan lime macaroons

Perfect, easy and delicious vegan lime macaroons. In Mexico we have a typical candy called “cocadas,” these cocadas are a perfect combination of a coconut macaroon and a coconut candy. When I first tasted this recipe for vegan lime macaroons I could only think of my childhood… yes, eating tons …

mas…Vegan lime macaroons

My obsesión: frozen fruit bites

I know, chocolate again. It’s my obsession, every day I like to eat a piece of dark chocolate. Chocolate chocolate, not milk chocolate, or anything else. I like the dark chocolate, 70% or more. Lately, I’ve seen a lot of studies where  they talk about how good it is to eat …

mas…My obsesión: frozen fruit bites

Healthy cookie dough snacks

Last week I went to the supermarket with Romina, in evry single asile we passed, she asked for something. Everything from toys to cereals. In each aisle we had to stop so she could read the ingredient labels of what she wanted to buy. Everything she asked for was a …

mas…Healthy cookie dough snacks