Simplest chocolate chip cookie ever

Maybe there are many recipes for simple vegan chocolate chip cookies; maybe you have your favorite. But this recipe for chocolate chip cookies is totally vegan, without eggs and dairy, and it is perfect and delicious. This vegan chocolate chip cookie comes together super fast, and everyone would love it. …

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Pecan Christmas cookies

These pecan Christmas cookies are made with clean ingredients and are totally vegan. The best thing is that they are straightforward to make, and everyone is going to love them. These one-bowl cookies are perfect for the Christmas season. The other day Sofia bought the cutest house-shaped cookie cutter from …

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Recipe for vegan lime macaroons

Vegan lime macaroons

Perfect, easy and delicious vegan lime macaroons. In Mexico we have a typical candy called “cocadas,” these cocadas are a perfect combination of a coconut macaroon and a coconut candy. When I first tasted this recipe for vegan lime macaroons I could only think of my childhood… yes, eating tons …

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