Posole and black bean soup

This recipe for posole and black bean soup is one of the most traditional and Mexicans soups ever. There is nothing better on a cold day than to come home to a steaming bowl of soup, and if it’s pozole even better. This is the complete opposite of summer when …

mas…Posole and black bean soup

Healthy Mexican burritos

This is probably the healthiest and easiest burrito you’ll ever try. Just imagine a flour burrito  tortilla filled with black beans and brown rice heated with an awesome chipotle enchilada sauce… Sounds super good right? And they are also made with make-ahead ingredients, they travel well and are kind of …

mas…Healthy Mexican burritos

Vegan hamburger recipe for summer.

Summer vegan hamburger

What a delight to be on vacation! Everything is peaceful and quiet, there’s no rush or anything. I really do not know how I’m going make it next school year. I’m sure it is going to be hard to get used to. Next year my three kids will go to different …

mas…Summer vegan hamburger