vegan gluten-free tiramisu


Don’t you just love it when you can eat dessert without feeling guilty? And better yet, when it is gluten-free, vegan, easy to prepare, and incredibly delicious? Well, this gluten-free, vegan tiramisu is exactly ALL of that. When I was a kid, going to Italian restaurants that served kid-friendly (non-alcoholic) …


Gluten-free kimchi avocado toast

Avocado-toast is one of the best ways ever invented to eat toast. But this gluten-free kimchi avocado toast is another level of deliciousness. This toast is an explosion of flavor in every bite. (Note: not all kimchi is vegan. Double-check and read the labels before buying) And I know the …

mas…Gluten-free kimchi avocado toast

zucchini grilled sandwiches

School lunches are hard to make, don’t you think? Well, they are hard for me, and some days in the morning, my mind goes blank. So, slowly, I’ve been developing some tricks and recipes, like these zucchini grilled sandwiches that my kids adore, and that makes my mornings flow better. …

mas…zucchini grilled sandwiches


I can’t be more excited to talk about this gluten-free campfire mousse recipe. This vegan recipe is perfect for the summer or any time of the year when you crave campfire food. It works perfectly for those rainy summer days or a  formal dinner. This recipe has become one of …


Brownies casi sin harina

Almost flourless vegan brownies

These almost flourless vegan brownies are made with almond flour (or almond meal) and pecans. This recipe is 100% vegan and delicious. YES, you can make almost FLOURLESS VEGAN BROWNIES and they are delicious. I make them with almond meal and just 1/4 of a cup of flour. That is …

mas…Almost flourless vegan brownies

Creamy vegan pot pie soup

Creamy Vegan pot pie soup

This creamy vegan pot pie soup is the easiest and the most uncomplicated version that you’ll find. Can you believe that when I was young, I just couldn’t eat soup? Don’t get me wrong; I feel that I’ve always been a professional eater. I looooove to eat, to savor every …

mas…Creamy Vegan pot pie soup