Hamburguesa de frijol y arroz, hamburguesa vegana.

Best black bean vegan burger

This recipe is for sure the easiest and best black bean vegan burger you’ll eat. Yes, vegans eat hamburgers, very delicious and tasty hamburgers. We eat black bean burgers. And you know what they are incredibly delicious and healthy. This recipe is the easiest black bean burger you’ll find. This …

mas…Best black bean vegan burger

Mousse de limón hecho con aguacate, limón, crema de coco.Vegan lime pudding, five minute healthy and easy dessert.

Vegan lime pudding

This recipe for this vegan lime pudding is so easy and simple you’ll learn it and prepare it every time that sweet tooth attack comes in your way. First I have to confess we eat between 10 and 15 avocados a week. Yeap! We are five here at home and …

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