watermelon cold soup


This recipe to make cold watermelon soup is easy and delicious. This refreshing and vegan soup is perfect for super hot summer days. This is one of my favorite cold summer soups, especially because you are done in 15 minutes and it’s one of the most nutritious, delicious and refreshing …


tostadas de ceviche vegano

Vegan Ceviche tostadas

This recipe for vegan ceviche tostadas is one of my favorite vegan Mexican recipes ever. It is very tasty and easy to prepare, 100% Mexican foodies approved. Every summer as a kid we spent a lot of time on the beach. My parents loved to explore different places in Mexico, …

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vegan sopes

Homemade sopes

Sopes are a classic Mexican dish made with masa sharing. Making homemade sopes is really easy, and they can be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. What are sopes? A sope is a thick corn tortilla made with masa harina that has a border around the edges. This border helps …

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chiles toreados

How to make chiles toreados

Have you ever tried chiles toreados? If so, just jump to the recipe and start making them. If not, you have to try them, but first, let me tell you what they are. Chiles toreados are a type of Mexican salsa, well it is not technically a salsa. It is …

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Sauce being poured over tacos dorados

Tacos Dorados Sinaloa Style

Taco dorado means crispy taco, a deep-fried taco. Sinaloa is a state in Mexico, where food is delicious, as, in all the country, I know. But most importantly, I think is that these tacos dorados are drowned in a delicious sauce. But these tacos are not filled and rolled up …

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Hibiscus tacos.

Hibiscus flower tacos

Yes, I know you might think I’m a bit crazy. And yes, hibiscus flowers are edible, and they taste amazing! So, next time you have this delicacy, save it to make hibiscus flower tacos. And it is so easy to prepare; this could easily be a recipe without a recipe. …

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