Pumpkin pie granola

This pumpkin pie flavored granola is perfect for any day you have a craving for pumpkin pie. This granola is delicious with yogurt, with milk, or on top of a dessert. It is so easy to make, and your home will smell delicious, just like fall, Thanksgiving, and all of …

mas…Pumpkin pie granola

Grilled Vegetable Kebabs

These grilled vegetable kebabs with romesco sauce are one of my favorite ways to use the produce that I didn’t use during the week. And I know that everybody loves to eat super healthy and delicious, right? But we all also love recipes that come together really fast without making …

mas…Grilled Vegetable Kebabs

Oats and amaranth porridge with caramelized pears

Amazing and super easy breakfast, that will make every person in the world, that thinks that eating healthy is boring change their minds. This porridge is full of spices, texture and flavor. It is a great way to start the day.