This is the perfect recipe for a vegan meatball sub with an Italian sauce.

Baguette con albondigas veganas y salsa de tomate

This sandwich has always been one of my favorite sandwiches ever. Imagine a warm baguette crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, stuffed with delicious meatless-meatballs made with lentils, cashews, and herbs. And then last but not least, there’s the S-A-U-C-E that brings it all together and turns it into a messy-scrumptious-delicious vegan meatball sub.[vmore]

YUUUUMMMM!!! It is one of those things I could eat every day. The meatballs come together very quickly, and if there are any leftovers, you can eat them with pasta the next day or freeze them for later in the week in the freezer. And for the tomato sauce, it never hurts to have some sauce ready to use in the fridge, right?

The only thing you have to do to make these meatballs is put all the ingredients in the food processor (affiliate link), pulse several times until everything is well integrated, form the balls and put them in the oven. And that’s it.

It occurs to me that the most challenging thing about this recipe would be having the lentils cooked and the sauce ready. I’ll give you some tips right now so you can make these vegan meatball subs in a pinch. For me, the most challenging thing is that I never make enough meatless meatballs. I had to start doubling the recipe because there were never enough. Santiago always devours them!

An open meatball sub with the vegan meatballs covered with a a five minute marinara sauce.

But I learned, and now I always make two or three times the recipe. I love that he likes them so much, especially being a person who doesn’t like tomatoes. You can use any tomato sauce that you like or prepare it with fresh or canned tomatoes. If you are going to use canned tomatoes, make sure the only ingredient is tomato (it can also have basil). Try to look for cans or jars that have the least amount of ingredients listed on the label. I like my canned tomatoes even without salt.

Tips, tricks & other recipes:

  • You can buy pre-cooked lentils, but I love the taste of home-cooked lentils. If you cooked extra lentils, you could always make, you can make vegan lentil soup.
  • For the meatless-meatballs, you can use raw onion or sautée it if you don’t like the strong flavor of raw onion.
  • If the mixture turns out watery and you cannot form the meatballs, slowly add bread crumbs (I use panko, Japanese style bread crumbs) or oatmeal until the consistency improves.
  • You could also use this recipe for roasted cherry tomatoes instead of the classic Italian tomato sauce.
Ideas for a balanced vegan menu: 

First course: Cream-less  broccoli soup 

  Main course: These meatball sandwiches along with a vegan Cesar salad 

 Dessert: fruit, chocolate, and banana ice cream
Vegan meatball sub

So here is the recipe

vegan meatball sub

If you like it, please share it. If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you, we can communicate via the comment section, by Instagram, FB, or by mail. It would also be fantastic if you save this recipe on Pinterest so you can prepare it later.

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Vegan meatball sub

This recipe for vegan meatball sub is very easy to preapre. The meatless meatballs are made with lentils. The sauce is perfect for this sandwich, past or as a base for a soup.
10 mins
20 mins
4 people
Calories: 412kcal



  • 2 cups cooked lentils see notes on how to cook them
  • 1/2 cup onion, roughly chopped can be sauteed if you do not like it raw
  • 3-4 garlic cloves, roughly chopped roughly chopped
  • 2 tablespoons ground flax seeds
  • 1/3 cup cashews raw
  • 1/2 tablespoon fresh thyme or 1/2 teaspoon if dry
  • 1/2 teaspoon seeds fennel *optional
  • lemon zest
  • a good pinch of salt

Italian tomato sauce

  • 1/4 cup finely chopped onion
  • 1 clove garlic, sliced
  • 1-2 tablespoons olive oil enough to cover the bottom of the pot that you will use
  • 1 28 oz canned tomato
  • salt

For the sandwich

  • 1 baguette cut in 4 pieces and each piece in half
  • basil leaves


  • Pre-heat the oven to 350ºF
  • Put the ingredients in the food processor and pulse several times until everything is well integrated.
  • Shape the meatballs and put them on a baking sheet.
  • Leave them in the oven for about 10 min. Turn the baking sheet and leave it for 5-10min more. Be careful not dry them out.
  • For the tomato sauce
  • Put the olive oil in a thick-bottomed pot.
  • Put the onion with a pinch of salt and cook for five min without browning.
  • Then add the garlic for about 2 minutes until it cooks.
  • Add the tomato, a pinch of salt and leave it uncovered for about 15min.
  • Try it before serving.


  • For every cup of uncooked lentil, you will get about 2 cups of cooked lentils.
  • To cook them, put a cup of dried lentil with two cups of water and simmer until cooked. They should be soft but they should hold their shape.


Calories: 412kcal | Carbohydrates: 60g | Protein: 18g | Fat: 12g | Saturated Fat: 2g | Sodium: 390mg | Potassium: 586mg | Fiber: 12g | Sugar: 4g | Vitamin A: 42IU | Vitamin C: 6mg | Calcium: 96mg | Iron: 6mg
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Vegan Italian
Keyword: meat-less meatballs, plantbased meatballs
Author: Piloncillo&Vainilla


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5 stars
These look so good Ale! Have you ever tried making vegan meatballs with eggplant? I would love a recipe for those too!

mavi trapos

5 stars
Me encanta! Además, estoy tratando de reducir el consumo de carne así que me viene genial!

Silvia Martinez

5 stars
What a beautiful sub, great idea making the meatballs with lentils.

Enriqueta E Lemoine

5 stars
Wao Ale! This looks ultra super yummy! I love lentils and I made lentil burgers but I haven’t made this!

Blanca D

5 stars
It’s like you are reading my mind. We had spaghetti and meatballs for lunch. Can’t wait to try this recipe.

Patricia Zerpa

5 stars
Se ven increiblemente deliciosas. Suelo hacer hamburguesas con mis lentejas pero nunca he hecho algondigas. Excelente opcion